Friday, April 1, 2011

Ulla Restaurant: Refreshing Fine Food

I ate at Ulla last night with my wife on a rare date night. We usually count on our reliable favourites--Stage and the Brasserie--but took a chance on a new place with great reviews on this site. And it was well worth it. Ulla is serving refreshing fine food with simple, well chosen ingredients. The menu is small, but presents plenty of intriguing options. The food is plated beautifully and every main accompanied by creative and enticing sides (e.g. short rib steak with cauliflower ravioli). We had the tomato soup with tasty cheesy toasties, beef tartar, the tender grilled octopus, and the Ling Cod. The latter two were especially delightful, with the Ling Cod, which can sometimes be served a touch understated for my taste, a crispy, light winner with perfectly balanced sides. We'll definitely be back.

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  1. I enjoyed a wonderful meal at Ulla and concur with the views presented here. Ulla is a great and fresh alternative to the known and reliable Victoria choices.

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