Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lunching at Devour with Tillie

Devour has been an intriguing lunch option in Victoria since it opened a couple of years ago. Today for lunch I found my way there with my recently four-year-old daughter, Tillie. I had a grilled flat iron steak topped with stilton cottage cheese and surrounded by assorted roasted veggies. My lunch was lovely, but my companion ordered better. After carefully surveying the menu she selected, and indeed devoured (a word that interested her), a brie-bacon-pesto sandwich on baguette. I hadn't advertised the pesto, which she found a delightful addition to the mix.

I came away with the impression that Devour might somewhat miss the contributions of Alison Bigg, one of the founding chefs who has opted for less taxing professional pursuits. Perhaps some of the creative magic left with her departure. But my companion was highly enthusiastic, declaring it on par with her other favourite eatery in the area, the Pink Bicycle. And she is not to be taken lightly as a food critic, having recently selected Oyama fennel salami as an appetizer for her birthday celebration (when we went to Ottavio's to sample and select appetizers the staff recalled her making a similar excursion for her third birthday).

Of course I shamelessly encourage Tillie's foodiness. How could I not? Our children remind us of ourselves, but in strange and wonderful ways.

So this is Tillie's review of Devour--which gets a hearty thumbs up.

(And many thanks to the staff for being so welcoming of a four-year-old during the business lunch rush)

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  1. I'm imagining an ongoing series of father-daughter reviews. The new Siskel & Ebert for food, but with a comedic twist.

  2. I could definitely see serial contributions. She's a heck of a critic.