Friday, April 1, 2011

Warning: Fol Epi Sandwiches Out of Hand

Since my previous visit to Fol Epi they introduced a new and divine roast beef sandwich. The baguette, is, well, their baguette. The roast beef itself is tender and subtlety herbaceous. It is topped with a perfect smearing of French mustard and, perhaps, aioli, and the cheddar is sharp and clean but never overwhelming. The lettuce is unnervingly crisp for a pre-made sandwich. With this new addition, the sandwich section is entirely out of control. The experience of ordering and eating there is now almost unbearable. The moment of choice--local shrimp? ham and cheese? smoky albacore tuna? or, now, divine roast beef?--is agonizing. Inevitably I leave several superb sandwiches there, staring up at me from behind the glass, sandwiches that I could only dream of during the long dreary week of lunches on the UVic campus. And then, the experience of eating is heartbreaking. Why fall so hard if, some few minutes later, the dance of flavour on my tongue will be nothing but a memory? I'm swearing the place off, and I suggest that my readers stay away too.

Fol Epi is located at:
398 Harbour Road
Victoria, BC V9A 0B7
Phone: (250) 477-8882

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