Friday, April 1, 2011

Stage: Getting Even Better

I have been a fan of Stage since it first opened, but lately it has been getting even better. The other night--with Ilana and the kids out of town--I settled into the bar at Stage to enjoy one of my few favourites that remains open on Monday nights. The special (on March 28, 2011), was a pan-seared rock fish with fresh (first batch of the season) spot prawns, both drizzled in a spot prawn bisque. It is a stunning creation, one of the best uses I've yet encountered of our superb local prawns and surely one of greatest dishes to emerge from the inspired kitchen at Stage. Also for the first time, I tried the Lonzino--a house-cured pork loin that they gently spice with cinnamon and fennel. It is a marvelously tender and moist charcuterie, a lighter cousin of proscuitto, and one that I wish I could buy bulk among their grocery offerings. In all Stage continues to impress and improve. What fun!

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